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A real-time Object Recognition and Pose Estimation system for camera-based perception of known objects.


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Constrained Manipulation Planning Suite (CoMPS), used for planning manipulation motions for robots.


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Arm Map-Based Hierarchical Planner (ArmMBHP), an alternate planner for manipulation.

Push Grasping

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A planner that takes advantage of object-robot and object-object collisions during manipulation.

Constrained Manipulation Planning Suite (CoMPS)


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Software includes The Constrained Manipulation Suite (CoMPS) for motion planning with constraints and LightningROS, a ROS package implementing the Lightning Path Planning Framework. Lightning uses a path library to store previous experience while allowing generality by also planning from scratch.

RGB-D Mapping using Multi-Resolution Surfel Maps

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This source package contains an implementation of Multi-Resolution Surfel Maps for image registration, object modelling and tracking, and SLAM.

The approach is documented in the papers:

Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke:
Model Learning and Real-Time Tracking using Multi-Resolution Surfel Maps
In Proc. of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-12), Toronto, Canada, July 2012. 

Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke:
Integrating Depth and Color Cues for Dense Multi-Resolution Scene Mapping Using RGB-D Cameras.
In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Information Integration (MFI), Hamburg, Germany, September 2012.

RBO interactive perception project (RBO-IAP)

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The RBO interactive perception project (RBO-IAP) is concerned with the detection and interactive exploration of kinematic objects, i.e. objects with degrees of freedom.

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