To join the Technical Committee on Mobile Manipulation or to update your membership information please write an email to one of the organizers and include your name, institution, and email address.


Registering Your Laboratory

To have your laboratory appear on the Labs menu on the TC homepage, please join the TC and mention that you would like your lab to be added to the menu.


Submitting an Event or News

Please send a link to a web page, a description, date, and any other information you consider useful to one of the TC chairs.


Providing Media

If you would like media (theses, papers, videos, images, software, or projects) from your lab to be placed on the TC web site, please provide the information listed below in an email to one of the chairs.

Theses, papers, images

Please host the content yourself and provide us with a link to the PDF or PNG file.  For images, please provide a brief caption.  If you would like to provide an image for the banner on the home page, please send us a PNG file that is1048 px by 200 px.


Please provide us with a link to a YouTube video and a short description.

Projects, Software

Please email us a link to a web page about your project or software package and a brief desription of what it is about.

Please understand that we cannot post all content and that posting might not happen immediately.


TC Chairs

To send an email, simply click on the link:

Current co-chairs:

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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