How Can We Close the Gap?


This workshop will take place on July 12 in Room 210 Wheeler at the 2014 Robotics: Science and Systems conference in Berkeley, California, USA.


We have an incredible line-up of invited speakers!  Have a look!


Grasping and manipulation are easy for humans: they quickly acquire visual information, process the scene, decide how to grasp, and execute the required motion, even under difficult conditions and with previously unseen objects. Several decades of robotics research did not enable us to transfer comparable abilities to robots. This workshop will bring together leading researchers from the human and the robotics sides of grasping research.

There will be three pairs of invited presentations, on :

  1. hands
  2. grasping/manipulation
  3. perception for grasping/manipulation 

The pairs of invited speakers will compare and contrast insights, concepts, approaches, views, and recent developments from the human and robotics sides. The presentations will be followed by open discussion sessions, one for each of the three topics. The workshop will conclude with a poster session on “Novel Directions in Grasping and Manipulation”.

The primary goal of the workshop will be to identify novel directions or emphases in robotics research. But we also hope to identify novel scientific questions and experimental designs for research on the human side.

General information on how to attend the conference workshops maybe found here.


(Image: Jeffrey Sylvester/Getty Images)

Hope to see you in Berkley!

Oliver Brock, Dmitry Berenson, Jim Mainprice, Maximo Roa & Clemens Eppner