The Interactive Perception workshop will take place on May 6, 2013 in Karlsruhe, Germany


Interactive perception is a holistic approach towards autonomous exploration. It shifts the emphasis from individual subfields such as control, planning, reasoning, learning, and perception towards the implementation of task-specific capabilities. In interactive perception, we understand the world based on functionality and behavior. As a result, manipulation becomes an integral part of perception. In other words, purposeful manipulation depends on the robot's ability to curiously explore its unknown environment through interaction.

Recent results show an increase in interest in interactive perception. These results include interactive perception methods for object segmentation, modeling, grasping, and even learning manipulation skills through interactive perception.  Interestingly, these results appear independently in different relevant communities: perception, grasping, manipulation, and learning.

Our objective for this full day workshop is to bring together researchers to discuss state-of-the-art, implementation and the future of interactive perception.

In particular the focus will be on:

  • integration of various sensing modalities
  • discussion whether interactive perception equals integration of action and perception only or not and
  • how to bring together various sub-disciplines to make the autonomous exploration more solvable.

For the workshop location, please check this page.

Hope to see you in Karlsruhe!

Dov Katz, Dejan Pangercic & Oliver Brock