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Robot Factors: An Alternative Approach for Closing the Gap in Human versus Robot Manipulation

Zhe Xu and Maya Cakmak
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It takes two hands to grasp Towards Handovers in Bimanual Manipulation Planning

Ana Huaman Quispe, Heni Ben Amor and Mike Stilman
logo pdf   Poster Computation of Realistic Contact Forces in Grasping. Katharina Hertkorn, Maximo A. Roa, Thomas Wimbock and Christoph Borst
logo pdf   Poster Effects of Compliance in Parallel to Actuators on Grasping and Manipulation in Robotic Hands Prashant Rao, Taylor D. Niehues, Pei-Hsin Kuo, Rachel Smith and Ashish D. Deshpande
logo pdf   Poster Fault Recovery in Logical Manipulation Policies Neil Dantam, Heni Ben Amor, Henrik Christensen and Mike Stilman
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Elastic transmission mechanisms: multiport models for human-like compliant grasping in robotic hands

Joshua A. Schultz, Michael J. Martell and Gavin O'Mahony
logo pdf   Poster Learning Grasp Phases from Human Demonstrations Oliver Kroemer, Gerhard Neumann, Herke van Hoof and Jan Peters
logo pdf   Poster Tracking hand-object interaction: towards a database for human grasping and manipulation Qiushi Fu and Marco Santello
logo pdf   Poster Learning Dynamic Manipulation Skills under Unknown Dynamics with Guided Policy Search Sergey Levine and Pieter Abbeel
logo pdf   Poster Construction of a 3D Object Recognition and Manipulation Database from Grasp Demonstrations David Kent and Sonia Chernova