Special Symposium on Mobile Manipulation

October 7-12, 2012

IROS 2012


IROS 2011 will celebrate the last 50 years of robotics with a series of special symposia. One of these symposia is on Mobile Manipulation. This symposium will consist of a combination of invited talks by leading researchers and practitioners in mobile manipulation and invited papers addressing the state of the art in this field and future directions.

Mobile manipulation covers a wide variety of areas and we expect to showcase the breadth of research happening in this exciting area at this symposium.  

The symposium will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of mobile manipulation with a special focus on implementation on real-world systems. The topics of interest for this symposium cover a wide-variety of sub-fields in robotics but we will focus on work in these areas as applied to mobile manipulation.

*  indoor mobile manipulation including personal and service robots
*  field (outdoor) mobile manipulation systems
*  space based manipulators
*  aerial manipulation systems
*  underwater manipulators
*  humanoid robots
*  perception
*  motion planning
*  control
*  task planning
*  human-robot interaction


Plenary Speakers (Tentative list)

* Oliver Brock, TU Berlin


If you would like your IROS submission to be considered for being part of the symposium, please send the organizers a title, list of authors and a tentative abstract in advance (on or before March 6th, see contact details below). We will work with the conference program committee to make the assignment of papers to the symposium and conference sessions on the subject of mobile manipulation. Please also look at the general list of instructions for authors wanting to submit papers for the symposium.

The deadline for submission to IROS is March 14, 2011. Submission details can be found at: http://www.iros2011.org/cfp.  We look forward to your contributions for IROS 2011, Mobile Manipulation Special Symposium.


* Sachin Chitta, Willow Garage
* Max Bajracharya, JPL


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