CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-enabled Mobile Manipulation

November 1-6, 2010

Technische Universität München

The first CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-enabled MobileManipulation will be held from 1.11.2010 until 6.11.2010 at Technische Universität München in Munich, Germany. The school will be organizedby the Cluster of Excellence Cognition for Technical Systems,Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group at TU Munich and Willow Garage.

The CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-enabled Mobile Manipulationwill introduce the participants into the exciting research area ofautonomous mobile manipulation. Introductory lectures will be given byworld renowned experts in the fields of 2D/3D perception, learning,reasoning and planning. The lectures will be complemented withhands-on practical exercises using various modules of the open-sourceROS framework. Many of principle developers will be present andavailable for support and interaction. The application domain for thefall school will be everyday manipulation in human livingenvironments.

The school will have a strong hands-on character. The goal to bepursued throughout the whole week will be to build a practicalapplication on the high-end robots (e.g. TUM-Rosie, PR2) that willgive robots the power to perceive and interpret typical scenes inhouseholds, reason about them and infer the subsequent courses ofaction, and to finally execute them in the form of mobilemanipulation.

Organizers: Michael Beetz, Gary Bradski, Dejan Pangercic, Radu Bogdan RusuMore info and registration:

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