IROS 2014 Workshop on Real-time Motion Generation & Control: Constraint-based Robot Programming

September 18, 2014

IROS 2014

This workshop is supported by the TC on Algorithms for Planning and Control of Robot Motion. The workshop's topics cover, but are not limited to: 

  • Real-time trajectory generation and control
  • Constraint modeling and arising from particular applications (e.g., pHRI)
  • Unified frameworks for planning and control
  • Novel constraint-based planning/control algorithms
  • Methodology for reactive behaviors
  • Numerical algorithms for solving large-scale optimization problems
  • Applications of constraint-based programming and control
  • Task-level motion planning
  • Motion planning layers and connections/interrelations between them
  • Human motion synthesis and analysis
  • (Self-)Collision avoidance for single- and multi-robot systems
  • Collision avoidance in dynamic environments

Please publish modules in offcanvas position.

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