09:00 Oliver Brock (Interactive perception in biological & artificial systems)
09:30 Florian Pokorny (Grasping and Topology)
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Matt Mason (You know what you did)
11:00 Aaron Bobick (Perception)
11:30 Stan Birchfield (Interactive perception for non-rigid and articulated objects)
00 Dieter Fox (Learning to control manipulators)
12:30 Lunch

14:00 Contributed interactive posters and demos
15:30 Debates
17:30 Closing


Accepted Contributions (Interactive Posters & Demos):

(1)  Active Segmentation in Cluttered Environments
      (Herke Van Hoof, Oliver Kroemer and Jan Peters)
(2)  Interactive perception and manipulation of unknown constrained mechanisms using adaptive control
      (Yiannnis Karayiannidis, Christian Smith, Francisco E. Vina, Petter Ögren and Danica Kragic)
(3)  Interactive Perception for Learning the Dynamics of Articulated Objects
      (Felix Endres, Jeff Trinkle and Wolfram Burgard)
(4)  Robotic Manipulation Strategies for Detecting and Reading Text
      (Alan Broun, Chris Beck, Tony Pipe, Majid Mirmehdi and Chris Melhuish)
(5)  Interactive Segmentation of Unknown Objects by a Humanoid Robot
      (David Schiebener, Robert Bevec, Ales Ude and Tamim Asfour)
(6)  Interactive Audio-Tactile Annotation of 3D Point Clouds for Robotic Manipulation
      (Jivko Sinapov, Darren Earl, Derek Mitchell and Heiko Hoffmann)
(7)  Tracking-based Interactive Segmentation of (Textureless) Objects of Daily Use
      (Karol Hausman, Dejan Pangercic and Michael Beetz)
(8)  DOF-Decoupled Active Sensing: A (more) human approach to localization tasks
      (Niccolo Tosi, Herman Bruyninckx and Olivier David)
(9)  Learning Compact Relational Models for the Exploration of Articulated Objects
      (Sebastian Höfer and Oliver Brock)
(10) Real-Time 3D Segmentation with Structured Light Camera
      (Andre Ückermann, Robert Haschke and Helge Ritter)
(11) Fusing Visual and Tactile Sensing for Manipulation of Unknown Objects
      (Joao Bimbo, Silvia Rodríguez-Jiménez, Hongbin Liu, Nicolas Burrus, Lakmal Senerivatne, Mohamed Abderrahim and Kaspar Althoefer)
(12) Developmental object learning through manipulation and human demonstration
      (Natalia Lyubova, Serena Ivaldi and David Filliat)
(13) Haptic Exploration for Navigation Tasks using a Visuo-Haptic Sensor
      (Nicolas Alt, Qing Rao and Eckehard Steinbach)
(14) Efficient Task Dependent Localization through Submodularity
      (Shervin Javdani, J. Andrew Bagnell and Siddhartha Srinivasa)
(15) Towards Autonomous Visual-tactile Exploration and Manipulation
      (Qiang Li, Robert Haschke and Helge Ritter)
(16) Self-Recognition and Segmentation of Robotic Manipulator in Still Images
      (Damien Teney, Justus Piater and Dadhichi Shukla. Markerless)
(17) Modulating Robot Vision with Manipulation Intentions Speeds Up Visual Processing
      (Luka Lukic, Aude Billard and Jose Santos-Victor)